The Wega Pegaso is a solid performing espresso machine. Very reliable with stainless steel chassis and expertly blended platinum coloured panels, the Wega Pegaso has everything you need.

• Heated Cup Rail
• Water Sight Level
• Reliable Build
• Long Standing Design
• Steam / hot water function
• High Capacity Copper Boilers
• Hot Water Function
• Fully Automatic Keypad
• 4 Programmable Doses Per Group Head
• Manual Water Override For Each Group Head
• High Power Steam Wands
• Large Cup Warming Area
• Fully Digital Display
• Precision Volumetric Dosing
• Built In Rotary Pump
• Highly Polished Stainless Steel
• Modern And Unique Finish
• EVD version – Electronic coffee machine
• EPU version – Semi-automatic coffee machine with electromechanical push buttons

Technical Data:
Dimensions – 530 mm (W) x 555 mm (D) x 515 mm (H)
Weight – 48 kg
Power at 230-240-400V : 2900 W

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