The Nurri L Type Leva Coffee Machine is a gorgeous lever-type espresso maker with a PID-controlled dual boiler system and preinfusion pressure control. It is considered a culmination of all the things well-loved from Nurri’s Leva line, leaving everyone who uses it feeling like a pro.

Achieves the perfect temperatures, fast

Unlike older levers that take almost an hour to warm up, the Nurri L-type Leva Espresso Machine is ready in 15 minutes tops, thanks to its modified LSM group with active heating. It also has a 3-channel PID that handles temperature regulation, making sure that there’s enough heat for brewing and steaming.

Preinfusion pressure control

In addition to letting you brew your coffee and froth your milk within seconds after pulling the shot, the dual boiler and Servo-assisted group also control the preinfusion pressure through the group pedals. This feature allows you to match your preinfusion technique with the coffee beans available to you or to experiment with finer grinds.

Quiet brewing

Engineered for a quiet pour, the L-type Leva’s rotary pump delivers water into the boiler without making a racket. Towards the end of the brew, the pump switches itself off resulting in an almost silent pour that will keep your mornings zen.

Machine Features

Servo-assisted group – Paddles on either side of the group for backflushing and preinfusion pressure adjustment.

PID control – The 3-channel PID achieves and maintains the perfect temperatures for brewing and steaming.

Modified LSM group – This modified 54mm group with active heating heats faster than older Leva models.

Double boiler system – Brew and steam in quick succession with the 0.8L brew boiler and 1.8L steam boiler.

Dual water supply – Connect to the mains or fill the reservoir for your water supply.

Rotary pump – Quiet and reliable rotary pump for perfect coffees in the morning.

Gorgeous Italian styling – The high-shine stainless steel body (or new white panels) is complemented with walnut wood or Zebrano side panels.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Nurri L Type Leva Coffee Machine
  • 1 x Double portafilter
  • 1 x Naked portafilter
  • 1 x Single basket
  • 1 x Double basket

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