The new super-automatic La Cimbali offers an unparalleled experience and, thanks to its distinctive features, it encourages innovative interaction with the machine. The endless customisation possibilities available through the revolutionary Touch Screen with
a 10.4” inch display and the incredible variety of drinks make the S30 revolutionary in the world of super-automatic machines.

Features :  
• Reliability Above All – Thanks to the innovative technical solutions that have always made the La Cimbali machines cutting-edge products, preparing espresso coffee-based drinks will be simple and intuitive, every day.
• The Most Flexible and Customisable Interface – The 10.4” touchscreen display offers different ways of viewing the drinks selection, customisable images on the machine display (screen savers, during beverage delivery) and films and sounds to help the customer chose their drink are some of the features offered by the S30. All while being simple and intuitive.
• Quality in the Cup and a Wide Range of Drinks – The S30 is designed for a wide and varied range of beverages to suit every taste, always guaranteeing the best quality in the cup.
• New Grinders with PGS Function – The first step to perfection is the quality in the cup of an excellent coffee. The Titanium S30 grinders – steel with PVD – are very robust and built to last. Another innovation is the PGS (Perfect Grinding System), which continuously monitors the coffee delivery parameters and automatically re-grinds and doses if necessary, so as to ensure consistency in delivery zand optimal extraction quality.
• HQ Cold and Hot Frothed Milk – The new S30 can prepare both hot or cold frothed milk (Snowmilk), thus expanding the menu with recipes made with coffee, hot chocolate, cold and hot frothed milk. With S30 you can savour hot and cold frothed milk like it was prepared by an expert hand: a unique experience!
• TurboSteam Cold Touch – The new TurboSteam Could Touch (TS CT) steam wand has an outer surface covered by a specific insulating and non-stick material that keeps it cold before, during and after the delivery
of steam. This solution guarantees ease in cleaning by avoiding the presence of milk residues after use.
• New Services Boiler and Coffee Heater – S30 is equipped with two boilers, made from stainless steel with external insulation: the first generates steam and hot water, while the other is dedicated to the preparation of coffee-based beverages. The new coffee boiler preforms better and allows for more consistency in the delivery of Coffee Cream, Americanos etc. The patented Smart Boiler system optimises the performance of hot water and steam avoiding reduced production during rush hours.
• AWS Automatic Washing System – The daily wash cycles are managed automatically by the AWS. This innovative system cleans deeply and efficiently, ensuring maximum hygiene at the touch of a button.
• Integrated Bidirectional Wi-Fi system – You can communicate with the S30 remotely thanks to the integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi, making it quick and easy to upgrade the software, adjust the recipes and personalise the interface images.

Techinical Data :
Dimensions – 370 mm (W) x 620 mm (D) x 762 mm (H)
Weight – 79 kg
Power at 220-240V ~ 50-60 Hz : 4800 – 5700 W

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