The new S20, which was developed by drawing on knowledge and expertise about traditional machines, enhances the LaCimbali super-automatic range with a perfect solution for locations that produce around 200 cups a day. Thanks to it’s built-in soluble hot chocolate system, you can also offer a wide and varied drinks menu, always guaranteeting the highest quality.

Features :  
• Outstanding Performance in an Optimal Space – LaCimbali S20 can be configured in Power Station mode for simultaneous supply of milk-based beverages from two adjacent machines, using only one fridge and thus optimising the work space. S20 Power Station allows you to maximise performance for optimal management of warm milk-based beverages.
• Realibility First and Foremost – The new S20 is a perfect tool for your daily work. Thanks to the innovative technical solutions that have always made LaCImbali machines cutting-edge products, making coffee and milk-based beverages will be simple and intuitive every day, forever.
• Experience in High Quality Coffee – A result of combination between the technological innovation of LaCimbali machines and the espresso tradition, S20 is the ideal tool for offering a unique and unforgettable taste experience. Thanks to the preheated, completely metal group head, you can achieve outstanding results, even for single-origin and specialty coffee, with a guarantee of consistent extraction over time.
• A High Quality Beverage and a Large Drinks Menu – LaCimbali knows how important every drink is for you and your customers. That is why the S20 is designed to guarantee a wide and varied range to satisfy every palate, always with maximum quality guaranteed.
• The Most Flexible and Customisable Interface – Is there a better way to describe and experience than through an image? The S20’s 7-inch touchscreen display allows you to see different options on the drinks menu (pre-selected and Group Mode) and to customise images displayed by the machine (such as screen savers and during beverage dispensing). You can also assist the customer when choosing their drink with video clips and animations. It is all very simple and intuitive.
• TurboSteam Cold Touch – To further improve the Turbosteam Milk4 steam wand, we designed the new TurboSteam Cold Touch. Its main feature is that the outer surface of the wand is comforting and cold before, during and after it emits steam. The wand is coated with a special insulating, non-stick material. This solution makes the new TS CT wand easy to clean and prevents milk residue from sticking to it.
• Integrated Bidirectional Wi-Fi System – You can remotely communicate with the S20 via the integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi system, which makes updating software, setting recipes and customising background images simple and intuitive.
• AWS Automatic Washing System – Daily washing cycles are automatically manged by the AWS system. This innovative system provides thorough, efficient cleaning, ensuring maximum hygiene with just one touch.
• Hoppers and Solubles – Dual 1/1.2 kg bean hopper and built-in soluble chocolate system. The S20 guarantees optimal soluble delivery, offering just the “heart”of chocolate.
• New Titanium Grinders – The excellent coffee produced by the S20 testifies to its perfection. The S20 is equiped with new grinders designed to get the most from coffee beans. The titanium grinders, which are made of K110 steel with a PVD coating, are very robust and designed to last for a long time.
• Hot Frothed Milk – With the new LaCimbali S20, you can enhance your menu with drinks containing coffee, chocolate and hot frothed milk. S20 allows you to appreicate hot frothed milk as though it was made by an expert. It is a truly unique experience.
• New Coffee Boiler – S20 is fitted with a boiler with a heat exchanger that enables a high-performance supply of hot water and steam. The boiler is equipped with a patented Smart Boiler fucntion that optimises hot water and steam performances, ensuring at productivity does not drop during peak hours.

Techinical Data :
Dimensions – 370 mm (W) x 620 mm (D) x 762 mm (H)
Weight – 71 kg
Power at 220-240V ~ 50-60 Hz : 3200 – 3800 W

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