M39RE is designed and constructed to act as
a capable and reliable partner for baristas who
want to develop and improve their businesses.
Lots of solutions encapsulated in a classic from
the LaCimbali range, which sports a new look
and modern new functions.

Features :
• Intelligent Solutions for Increasing Quality – Increasingly more evolved and connected
to the world of the coffee bar and their specific
needs. M39RE, features new and advanced
electronics, in terms of performance and
functionality. This new advanced technology
allows the management of interfaces for Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth (optional) connectivity.
• New Look: Beautiful Functionality – In M39RE Cimbali, the look is at the service of functionality. Elegant and functional in every detail, the design is ideal to allow the barista to work rapidly with precision and minimal effort in order to provide his clients with a high-quality service. A new body finish was developed for M39RE. The new finish highlights a more modern “technical” paint with TITANIUM SILVER colour.
• Bluetooth – The combination of the M39RE with the Magnum on Demand Touch grinder- doser and wireless technology ensures the perfect coffee
grinding. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the grinder-doser is constantly communicating with M39RE in order to ensure the correct extraction by making automatic modifications to the grinding and dose without the need of an operator. This technology guarantees a perfect espresso coffee.
• USB – The presence of a USB port makes it possible to use a USB key to download data, recipe configuration and the ability to update the machine’s software.
• WIFI – The Wi-Fi connection makes it possible to
connect to the assistance center to send monitoring and statistical data. Thus, making it possible to optimize the intervention times as well efficiency.
• SD Card – The optional SD CARD is a back-up memory that makes it possible to speed up restore operations of the machine configuration data, also in case of replacement of the electronic board; moreover, it makes it possible to save and extract statistical data, such as the delivery capacity, the error log, the washings.
• Thermodrive – The Thermodrive is a system for adjusting the thermal balance making it possible to set the infusion temperature to accommodate the
different blends used on the requested drinks. It was designed to offer that flexibility required by your coffee menu.
• Energy Optimisation – Thanks to the Smart boiler, the boiler pressure is kept constant. This enables a lower use of energy and ensures at the same time the maximum production of steam. The Smart Boiler technology increases significantly the performance of hot water and steam, whilst optimizing the restoration of water in the boiler. It also ensures the thermal balance for an always perfect result in the cup.
• Energy Saving – Using the ENERGY SAVING MODE the pressure in the boiler is lowered while the machine sits at rest for a significant period of time: the barista can activate this function manually by pressing the OK button for 3 seconds. He only needs to then press any key, and in just 60-90 seconds the machine will be ready for use again. Thanks to the ENERGY SAVING NOTTURNA mode, the machine does not fully switch itself off. The resistance remains active to keep the pressure in the boiler on a value of 0.2 bars. Also in this case, it is possible to go back to the machine working mode in 1-2 minutes (this value varies depending on the set pressure to be reached).
• Thermal Improvement – The M39RE DOSATRON version is fitted with a boiler covered by a special material with a high coinbentation co-efficient to reduce the thermal dispersion. This requires less energy to be reintroduced in the water to be heated in the boiler and a lower wear of the boiler, resistances, etc.
• Ruveco Teck – In order to ensure maximum food safety, Gruppo Cimbali partnered with a leader in their sector to design Ruveco Teck: this is a particular coating treatment of all machine parts that are in contact with water and steam. The coating can drastically reduce the risk of transfer of metals in the delivered drinks.
• Ergonomic Solutions – The reduced steam handle turning radius speeds up the barista operations and additionally provides prompt steam availability. The end of the filter holder handle is ergonomic and inclined, allowing thus greater use comfort. The chrome finish gives a more elegant look.
• Hygiene Under Control – The stainless steel work area ensures optimal hygienic conditions. M39RE performs automatic and semi-automatic washing cycles according to a display-driven procedure, which is enabled by pressing the appropriate button.
• Push-button Panel with always-on LEDs – The coffee delivery (green and red) and hot water (white) LEDs stay all on when the machine is in stand-by, turning the M39RE machine into a point of attraction.
• Chrome Elements – The ergonomic steam delivery knobs for have beautifully inset chrome features.

Techinical Data :
Dimensions – 855 mm (W) x 570 mm (D) x 597 mm (H)
Weight – 86 kg
Power at 220-240V~ 50/60 Hz : 4200 – 5000 W

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