A new automotive look, and a gutsy temperament:
M34 Cimbali guarantees a versatile response
to all your reliability and production needs.
Advanced electronics for a perfect espresso and
top quality drinks. Hi-tech solutions for saving
energy. Painstaking attention to the design.
M34 – the ideal tool for winning the most exciting
challenge: satisfying your customers.

Features :
• Solidity Takes on a New Shape – The ends of the filter-holder grip and steam knobs have a chrome-plated internal element. Command panel in polycarbonate with glass effect, constantly back-lit with white low consumption LEDs. Full-touch capacitive selection keys.
• Perfect Grinding – Thanks to the Perfect Grinding System and Bluetooth technology, M34 monitors the extraction and delivery parameters and sends them to the grinder-doser, to ensure perfect grinding every time. The Perfect Grinding System allows M34 to interact via Bluetooth with the MAGNUM On Demand touch Bluetooth or CONIK Bluetooth wireless grinder-doser, that regulates the grinding and dose to guarantee unwavering coffee quality.
• Expert-level Results in the Cup – The Turbosteam Milk4 steam wand delivers a mixture of steam and air. There are holes in its lower end part, for frothing or heating even small amounts of milk. Turbosteam Milk4 produces four different milk recipes: un-frothed hot milk, frothed with a hint of foam, standard foam, foam galore.
• Top Level Food Safety – The machine parts in contact with water and steam are treated with Ruveco Teck technology – a special, patented covering material that
considerably reduces the release of metals into the drinks.
• M34 is Connected with the Future – Apart from a Bluetooth connection, M34 can also take a Wi-Fi connection (optional) allowing the remote viewing and control of all the important parameters and machine statistics via the web.
• Energy Saving – Technology and environmental respect. M34 is equipped with advanced eco-technological solutions like the Smart (insulated) Boiler and the Energy Saving mode. With ENERGY SAVING mode, the pressure in the boiler is lowered
when the machine does not need to deliver for a significant period of time; the barista can activate
this function manually by pressing the OK button for 3 seconds. He only needs to then press any key, and in just 60-90 seconds the machine will be ready for use again. In ENERGY SAVING mode, the machine does not fully switch itself off: the resistance remains active to keep the pressure in the boiler on a value of 0.2 bar. In this case, it is possible to go back to the machine working mode in 1-2 minutes (this value depends on the set pressure to bereached).

Technical Data :
Dimensions – 770 mm (W) x 510 mm (D) x 510 mm (H)
Weight – 70 kg
Power at 220-240V~ 50/60 Hz : 4200 – 4900 W

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