The LaCimbali M26 machine is easy to use, easy to control and easy to maintain. Ergonomic and versatile, the M26 is made from steel and ABS and comes equipped with a reliable LaCimbali thermal system. Together, all of this guarantees impeccable quality in the cup and keeps consumption down. Available in the one-group, two-group, compact twogroup, three-group and Tall Cup versions, the LaCimbali M26 is fitted with a brand-new backlit electromechanical button panel which is both easy to use and intuitive.

Features :
• Versatile Machine – The compact model boosts the M26 range, combining quality in the cup with LaCimbali’s trademark reliability in limited spaces. The M26 Compact is available in the two-group version.
• Green Machine – The LaCimbali M26 is alert to energy consumption and features the Economiser, which maintains the boiler temperature, and the Energy Saving Light function, which reduces consumption when inactive.
• Premium Design.
• Milk4 TurboSteam.
• Full Energy Saving (insulated boiler).
• Bluetooth.
• Newton Electronics.
• Display.
• Mixed Services Water.
• Worktop Lights.
• Smart Boiler.
• Remote Monitoring (Wi-Fi kit).
• 3-Level Cup Warmer

Techinical Data :
Dimensions – 794 mm (W) x 528 mm (D) x 548 mm (H)
Weight – 70 kg
Power at 220-240V~ 50/60 Hz : 4200 – 4900 W

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