M21 Junior is a machine designed and built for those caterers who, although have limited space at disposal, still want to offer traditional Italianstyle espresso coffee and cappuccino.

M21 Junior S is a continuous semi-automatic
machine equipped with an auto-level and a valve,
which prevents the liquid to be heated from being
sucked back into the boiler. Unlike the dosed
model, M21 Junior S can’t be linked directly to
the mains, but it is equipped with a built-in tank
and a water softener, to solve those situations
where a permanent connection to the mains is
not possible or desired.

Features :
• Tank capacity 2,5 litres
• 1 Coffee group
• 1 Stainless steel multidirectional steam wand
• 1 Stainless steel multidirectional hot water wand
• Built-in vibration pump
• M21 Junior can be linked to a base unit, i.e. to a functional surface featuring a removable coffee grounds’ drawer with bumper. Made of painted steel, the base unit guarantees the correct position of the machine and of the grinder/doser.

Technical Data :
Dimensions – 320 mm (W) x 470 mm (D) x 430 mm (H)
Weight – 33 kg
Power at 220V : 1900 W

Dimensions of base – 590 mm (W) x 475 mm (D) x 85 mm (H)

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