The standing espresso knock box boasts a generous 17L capacity, equivalent to approximately 290 cups of coffee, allowing for less frequent cleaning of coffee grounds, thus saving time.

Effortlessly dispose of used coffee grounds from your espresso machine, with the option to store them for gardening purposes as they serve as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for garden beds.

Designed for commercial usage, this knock box is crafted from plastic and rubber, conveniently divided into three parts for easy cleaning. It includes a cleaning cloth that can be attached to either side of the knock bin using a carabiner hook.

Featuring an extra silent knock-off pad, this knock box minimizes disruptive noise with its soft material and anti-slip rubber bottom, ensuring stability, noise reduction, and preventing scratches on the kitchen floor.

It finds widespread use in coffee shops, western restaurants, bars, home kitchens, and various other settings.

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