The Speedster is one of the finest single group espresso machines available today. It combines multi-boiler technology with user programmable PID control for the brewing water, low pressure variable pre-infusion and the most stunning styling of any machine on the market. Completely hand built to order and with a long list of custom options, each Speedster is well and truly yours alone. Everyone who sees and uses a Speedster instantly wants it, but this machine is an exclusive premium product only for the dedicated espresso affcionado.

Features :
• Completely hand built miniaturised commercial quality machine.
• All parts custom designed for the Speedster by Kees van der Westen.
• Utilises dual-boilter system with group head operating as part fo the brew boiler, offering remarkable thermal stability and temperature control in a small boiler machine.
• PID electronic control for fast user adjustable brew water temperature.
• Coffee quality equal or superior to any commercial machine.
• Unique hand crafted design and premium quality materials make the Speedster a long term investment of which you can be truly proud.
• Revolutionary POM dispersion plate is thermally neutral and resists fouling from coffee oils for cleaner flavour.
• Huge raft of options to customise appearance and performance.
• Included ion-exchange water quality regulator to assure purity in your coffee experience.

Tehnical Data :
Dimensions – 600 mm (W) x 650 mm (D) x 370 mm (H)
Weight – 45 kg
Power at 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz : 2200 – 3100 W

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