The Duette is built to please aesthetically and ergonomically, with it’s striking industrial design unique in the world of espresso. Like all Kees machines, it is available with a host of options to improve the experience, such as automatic pre-infusion, foot-pad activated steam, Bastone semi-auto group activation and user adjustable including the Veloce pack and technical crackle black coating.

Features :
• Compact design to fit smaller places.
• Smaller size still offers Mirage power with the option of upgrading to a 4800W element to cope with the heaviest trade.
• Barista-comfortable machine with all controls in easy sight and reach.
• Ergonomic filter handles with user friendly downward angle.
• Mirage quality means all parts built to last, with heavy 3mm stainless steel frame and stainless body.
• Unique extraction water loop, with all aspects designed by Kees van der Westen and custom built for Mirage, ensures industry leading thermal stability.
• Quiet and robust external pump with air cooled motor.
• Automatic boiler refill only runs between brew cycles to aboid pressure fluctuation.
• Long list of useful options to customise the machine to your needs.

Technical Data :
Dimensions – 830 mm (W) x 680 mm (D) x 500 mm (H)
Weight – 75 kg
Power at 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz : 3200 – 3400 W (Normal)
Power at 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz : 4800 – 5200 W (High Power)

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