KALERM E60L + C4 Milk Cooler (4L)


The brand new design with large-capacity water tank, bean bin, and coffee grounds box allows the coffee machine to operate for a whole day without interruption. The performance is also improved: the innovative milk system can easily adjust to your preferred milk temperature, and optimized coffee pipeline ensures every cup of pure fresh coffee. E60L, your classic and reliable coffee machine.


  • The large capacity is sufficient for small restaurants, bakeries, offices and more
  • 7″ color touch display with up to 20 beverages to select through one touch
  • Innovative milk foam system deliver delicate foam at a proper temperature
  • With dual thermoblocks and dual pumps, milk foam and coffee can be made simultaneously.
  • Serving high efficient Cappuccino/Latte
  • Coffee and milk or foam can be made simultaneously for quick efficiency
  • Programmable coffee, milk and hot water sequence add more options to the beverage menu
  • Programmable double-brewed coffee brings more concentrated flavor
  • The user-friendly bean hopper can be taken out and installed easily for convenient maintenance
  • The simple and elegant design suits any environment

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Kalerm E60L

C4 Milk Cooler

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