(FREE : 1 unit Concept Art stainless steel 12oz milk pitcher, 250gm Alturra Coffee Beans)

Gaggia Magenta Plus is a fully automatic machine, it allows you to prepare up to 5 different coffee drinks including: espresso, espresso lungo, coffee, americano
and hot water.

The effortlessly elegant and dynamic spirit of one of the most distinctive districts of Milan inspired this new Superautomatic Espresso Machine. Just like the homonymous city area, it blends authentic traditional roots with sparks of contemporary design. Essential yet stylish, it is thought for all. The wide user interface and capacitive buttons make it easy and immediate to use. Gaggia Magenta is your personal home coffee shop in just one click.

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Weight and Dimensions
Product Dimensions: L435 x D224 x H357 mm
Coffee Bean Capacity: 250g
Dump Box Capacity: 15 servings
Product Weight: 7.6kg
Water Tank Capacity: 1.8 litres

Interface: Full Color TFT Display + Capacitive Buttons
Type Of Graphic User Interface: Full Color TFT Display + Capacitive Buttons (8 Capacitive Ones, 2 Back-Lighted Ones)
Selectable Languages: 21: IT-EN-DE-FR-ES-PT-NL-PL-RU-EL-RO-HU-DA-BL-CS-SL-LT-JP-ZH-TW-KO
Total Beverages Variety: Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Coffee, Americano, Hot Water
Milk/Steam Solution: Professional Steam Wand
Espresso Tray: ✔
Ceramic Grinders: ✔
Adjustable Grinder Setting; 5 Selections
Optiaroma: ✔ 5 Selections
Adjustable Coffee Spouts: ✔ (70 W/Espresso Tray – 150 mm)

Beverages Variety
Number Of Beverages: 5
Espresso: ✔ Screen 1
Espresso Lungo / Caffè Lungo: ✔ Screen 2
Coffee / Caffè Crema: ✔ Screen 1
Americano: ✔ Screen 2
Hot Water: ✔ Screen 2

Beverages In Cup Quality
Pump Pressure: 15 Bar
Pre-Brewing: ✔
Ground Coffee Option: ✔
Adjustable Coffee Length: ✔
Adjustable Coffee Temperature; ✔ (3 Levels)
Gaggia Adapting System: ✔

Ease of Use
Capacity Coffee Pucks Container: 15 Coffee Pucks
Simultaneously Brewing Of 2 Coffee Cups: ✔
Removable Components: Water Tank: Top; Coffee Pucks Container: Frontal; Drip Tray: Frontal; Brew Group: Frontal; Espresso Tray

Water Filter Compatibility: ✔Intenza+
Rinsing Cycle: Automatic
Descaling Cycle: Automatic

Materials and Finishing
Bodywork: Matte Black Abs
Front: Matte Black Abs
Drip Tray: Matte Black Abs + Stainless Steel

Energy Consumption
Boiler: Stainless Steel
Quick Heat Boiler: ✔
Power Supply: 230v 50hz 1900w (British Plug Provided)
Energy Consumption Stand-By: < 1 W

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Weight 9 kg

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