Coffee culture is a way of life. Never before have individuals had a greater variety of options and opportunities to enjoy their own unique coffee beverage. There are countless ways to reinvent coffee and no end to the surprises in store. This is exactly why the A800 was created. It can perfect any beverage you could possibly desire. But there’s more to the A800 than that – its ability to deliver uncompromising performance is also part of the package.

Features :
• 10.4 inch touch screen for unparalleled quality
• Brew unit easy to remove from front
• Precision Bean grinder with ceramic discs
• Texturised Hot milk, Hot foam, Cold milk and Cold foam
• Automatically adjustable dispense head
• Separate hot water boiler
• Variety of fridge options available to suit business requirements
• Ideal for self serve situations
• EasyClean cleaning system is included as standard to ensure that the strictest HACCP hygiene standards are met

Technical Data :
Dimensions – 340 mm (W) x 600 mm (D) x 796 mm (H)
Weight – 58 kg
Power at 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz: 2600 – 3000 W
Recommended Daily Output (Cups) – 250 per day

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