To guarantee the best quality in the cup and the greatest possible flexibility, we have created Groundbreaker, which can interface with the most advanced Faema machines. It most naturally combines with the E71.The compact, elegant design is fitted with a new motor with an Inverter, permanently changing the concept of grinding. Groundbreaker’s compact size enables optimal use even in small spaces. The perfectly balanced hopper can be placed in a stable position on the worktop, making it easier to refill the Groundbreaker and simplifying its cleaning and adjustment. The 4.3” touchscreen display is easy to use and completely customizable: you can adjust Groundbreaker’s grinders to achieve the desired result every time. Baristas can choose and configure the programs thanks to a selection of customized settings. The coffee grinder’s motor is equipped with an inverter with low energy expenditure, which guarantees constant performance over time even after intensive use. With Groundbreaker, you can quickly access the components of the product to check its status, make the appropriate adjustments and implement the cleaning cycle in total safety
and with simple operations performed by a specialized

Features :
• Independent and constant measurement of the single and double dose (Inverter motor)
• Fast and precise adjustment of the grinders with micrometric screws
• 4.3” touch screen for intuitive management during programming and use
• Height-adjustable clip to adapt to different filter holders
• Easy, reduced cleaning
• Dosing centered in the filter holder
• No electrostatic discharge
• Die-cast aluminum body

Techinical Data :
Burrs – Flat
Productivity (These data refer to grinding for an Italian espresso coffee) – 4.1 g/s
Burrs Diameter – 64mm
Hopper Capacity – 1.5 – 1.7 kg
Dimensions – 400 mm (W) x 215 mm (D) x 580 mm (H)
Weight – 19 kg
Power at 200-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz:320 W

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