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The FAEMA E61 Legend is a semiautomatic espresso machine having the FAEMA patented adjustable group thermal balancing system, and the famous E61 group head for the true connoisseur. The classic beauty of the FAEMA E61 shook the commercial espresso machine industry when it was released in 1961, and has been brought back to life in this new FAEMA E61 Legend espresso machine.

While the new FAEMA E61 Legend espresso machine has the same sexy lines, timeless beauty, and beautiful finish of the original FAEMA E61 (including the famous and instantly recognizable “signature” E61 group head) including a solid stainless steel body, it is been brought fully up to date with all of the modern FAEMA innovations found in any 21-st century commercial espresso machine. It features the patented hot water economizer function.

The FAEMA E61 Legend espresso machine has semiautomatic operation, and can be ordered in 1-group or 2-group.

Features :
• Hot Water Economizer
• Adjustable Group Thermal Balancing System
• Steam Wands – 1 for 1-group
• Hot Water Wands – 1
• Boiler Capacity – 6 liters for 1-group machine

Technical Data :
Dimensions – 21.8″ (W) X 21.3″ (D) X 26.5″ (H)
Weight – 51 kg
Power – 3300-3900 Watts at 220 Volts