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Breville BES920 The Dual Boiler 

Featuring a heart Dual Stainless Steel Boiler heating system and separate steam boiler, The Breville BES920 Dual Boiler Coffee Machine offers instant and powerful steaming on demand that’s perfect for any coffee. Also features 15-bar pump pressure, programmable pour or semi-automatic function and a 2.5L capacity water tank.

Dual Boiler
Thanks to the innovative dual boiler design of this you can enjoy the optimal flavor in your coffee. The specific brew boiler ensures precise temperature throughout the extraction process, while the separate steam boiler simultaneously delivers instant steam.

The programmable pour function, or semi-automatic, controls the volume of the espresso pour at a single press of a button. This gives you the ability to adjust between a 30ml single shot, a 60ml double shot or anything in between.

15 Bar Pump
This amazing coffee machine delivers extraction through a high-quality 15 bar Italian made pump, which initially pulses so that the grinds expand prior to extraction for a more balanced and delicious espresso shot.

Features :
• Dedicated Stainless Steel Espresso & Steam Boilers
• Electronic PID Temperature Control
• Programmable Extraction Temperature
• Low-Pressure Pre-infusion
• Actively Heated 58mm Group Head
• Programmable Extraction Temperature
• Regulated Extraction Pressure
• 1 & 2 Cup Volumetric Control
• High-Pressure Instant Steam
• Dedicated Hot Water Outlet
• 360 Degree Commercial Steam Wand
• Shot Clock
• 220-240 Voltage

Dimension :
377 mm (H) x 404.5 mm (W) x 372.6 mm (D)

Weight :
13.6 kg


Breville BCG820 The Smart Grinder 

• Grind Settings Galore! – With 60 different grind settings to choose from, you’re sure to find the right grind every time!

• Adjustable Upper Burr – In addition to 60 separate grind settings, you can also remove the top burr to manually adjust the default settings, thus extending the grind range. While this updated feature allows you to grind even finer or coarser than the original default settings, the adjustable top burr is actually intended to extend the life of your grinder.

• Portafilter Activation Switch – The Smart Grinder Pro allows you to grind directly into your portafilter. To do this, simply slide your portafilter under the grind chute and press the activation switch to begin. Press again once you have reached your desired amount.

• Manual Grinding – In addition to manually grinding into your portafilter, you can also manually grind directly into the included Breville grinds container or your brewer’s drip filter basket. Simply hold the start button and release when you’ve ground enough.

• Removable Bean Hopper – The 1 pound bean hopper can be easily removed with just a flip of the locking handle to effortlessly switch out beans, or clean the hopper.

• Pause Function – Pause the Smart Grinder Pro mid grind cycle to even out your portafilter. Once your grounds are evenly settled, hit the start button within the allotted 10 second pause period and the Smart Grinder Pro will grind the remaining amount of time.

• Programmability – The Smart Grinder Pro allows you to program your desired grind time per each shot setting. Once your desired grind time is showing on the digital screen, hold the program button and the grinder will beep twice, letting you know your grind time is now saved. Only the shot amount that is currently displayed will be programmed, all other shots will remain the same.

• Model Number – BCG820BSSXL
• Manufacturer – Breville
• Dimension – 214 mm (W) x 160 mm (D) x 389 mm (H)
• Weight – 2.9 kg
• Volts – 110-120 V
• Case Material – Brushed Stainless Steel
• Bean Hopper Capacity – 1 lbs
• Dosing Options – Programmable Dosing Functionality
• Grinder Style – Burr – Conical Steel
• Burr Diameter – 40mm
• Timer or On/Off Switch – Both Timer & On/Off Switch

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