Bonavita Wide Base Immersion Dripper


This porcelain immersion dripper from Bonavita is simple yet complete with helpful features like an open/close switch and a fitted lid that keeps water hot while brewing. With a brewing capacity of up to 10 ounces for small and 16 ounces for large, you can get balanced and flavorful coffee in single-serving batches.

Bonavita Wide Base Immersion Dripper – Small (Black or White)

– Porcelain construction ensures heat retention.

– Open/Close switch to release coffee.

– Lid included to maintain heat while brewing.

– Easy to brew and easy to clean up after brewing.

– Uses#2 paper filter or permanent filter.

– Fits on a wide variety of cup sizes.

– Product Dimensions (without box): L: 148mm W: 142mm H: 129mm

Bonavita Wide Base Immersion Dripper – Large (White)

– Porcelain Dripper with flow control lever

– 16oz brew capacity

– Uses #4 Paper Filter

– Great for Pour Over Coffee and Steeping Tea

– Smooth porcelain makes the Bonavita Immersion Dripper very easy to clean

– Product Dimensions (without box): L: 152mm W: 139mm H: 173mm

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Black, White


Small (10oz*), Large (16oz)

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