Founded in Coburg, Melbourne Australia in 1959. Coffex Coffee was established to deliver great coffee to the local community, something which we are proud and still doing today but in our newer and larger facility in Brunswick.

In 1997, our founders decided to bring our passion and share our love of coffee to Malaysia. We decided to set up our second roasting facility in Malaysia to fulfil the growing demands for fine coffee. Currently operating three roasting machine and two automated packaging line with an annual capacity of 500 tonnes to meet demands of our local and overseas clients. At Coffex, we are almost fanatical when it comes to quality, food safety and traceability, which is why we invested in ISO2200 quality management system encompassing HACCP and Cropster for green bean management and roasting data logger for roasting consistency.


I want to bring coffex to the next level. My vision is to see Coffex as peerless in the coffee industry, to deliver a great customer experience, quality that meets customer expectations and grow the company in sales and revenue and management prowess. I forsee the company shifting to a higher gear of staff engagement, communication, information and teamwork to optimise their capability and potential. The tools available in assisting their work should be high tech, accurate and efficient. Having a great relationship with customers, co- workers and suppliers must be upheld in every aspect of our business, which ultimately should contribute towards enhancing humanity. The core of this transformation is to address the following areas of our business:

  1. Deliver an impressive customer experience.
  2. High quality products and services (ie. trustworthy, dependable, that they would recommend to other.)
  3. Build relationships (loyalty to suppliers, keeping customers informed of new technologies, learning workshops.)



To inspire a love for the finest coffee in the world, through the best ingredients and superior methodology, and through lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and every coffee lover we meet.