Seeding passion

Brewing a great cup of coffee starts with the choice of beans. We look for the best specimens from over 25 countries across 4 continents. Our world-class certified Q Graders have the enviable job of tasting and grading hundreds of samples until they find the very best. From there, we further evaluate these beans for optimum flavour profiles and desired strength.

Our beans are carefully selected and categorised as seasonal single origins, to be savoured for the purity of flavour, or handpicked for our ever popular range of coffee blends, each promising to deliver the finest brew.

Growing dreams

Our Coffex mark of excellence would not be complete without the dedication of our growers. We only insist on partnering certified Fair Trade Cooperatives from developing countries, where produce is farmed without the use of pesticides and synthetic chemicals.

Fairtrade helps small-scale coffee farmers to achieve a better quality of life and ensure the long-term sustainability of their farm, family and community. Our commitment to our growers guarantees we always pay a fair price to them, and receive the finest 100% Fairtrade and Organic Certified Arabica coffee beans.

Roasting perfection

Our roast makes the perfect bean better, and our 50 years of experience and awards is testament to that. Using proprietary Coffex techniques and roasting technology, our Master Roaster has made an art form out of extracting the finest characteristics within each bean, taking into account the soil and climate where it was grown.

The beans we roast always start off freshly harvested, a fact made possible through our green inventory management system, and then packed on the same day to preserve its freshness. The proof is in the captivating aroma and the signature rich flavours our selection of coffee is known for.