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From Beans to Instant Dreams

Explore Our Delectable New Instant Coffee and Matcha Latte from UCC!

Rich and Smoky

UCC: The Blend Sumiyaki

Made from charcoal roasted gourmet beans, The Blend Sumiyaki is an unapologetic dark roasted Japanese style instant coffee. This popular classic delivers a rich aroma and smoky flavours and can be enjoyed by all at home or at the office.

In a world that spins faster each day, our new Instant Coffee and Matcha Latte Mixes from UCC stand united yet distinct, offering you a choice: Seize the bold vigor of now or savor the serene indulgence of the present.

Alita WuCoffex Coffee

Smooth and Creamy

UCC: Matcha Latte

Sip on UCC’s deliciously creamy and aromatic tea latte that is crafted from premium Shizuoka green tea leaves and perfected with dairy milk for additional richness in flavour.