Is Coffex a Malaysian company?

Coffex was started by two Italians, Antonio Crivelli and his son Dominic in 1959, in response to a shortage of quality espresso coffee beans in Melbourne, in 1997, Coffex Malaysia opened in Kuala Lumpur as a manufacturing and distribution hub for the Asia-Pacific region. Today, Coffex is owned by Malaysians but operates internationally as one of the best-known coffee brands.

Do we roast our own coffee?

Yes, Coffex owns and operates two large roasting facilities in the APAC region. In Brunswick, Australia and New Zealand markets, while our new 16,000 sq. ft. facility in Shah Alam, Malaysia, opened in 2015 to serve the Asian market. Our roasters can produce to a maximum output capacity of 42 tonnes per month.

Does different brewing methods affect the taste of coffee?

Yes, it does. Coffex’s vision is to deliver the finest coffee experience in the world, made possible through our selection of superior beans, exceptional roasting technology and our top-class brewing equipments. To this end, Coffex provides expertise to extract the desired flavours from the best beans.

Does my coffee experience change with different roast profiles?

Yes, and Coffex remains a leader with our proprietary roasting methods to deliver the finest coffee experience, we have perfected our roasts across a portfolio of 35 coffee products, consisting of single origin and specialty blends,

Does Coffex ship internationally?

Yes, both our roasting facilities can ship internationally. Our Brunswick facility serves the Australian and New Zealand markets, while our Shah Alam base was established as a regional distribution point to fulfil Asia’s increasing demand for special coffee.

Does Coffex sell anything else apart from Coffee?

Our products and services are designed for the biggest F&B operators to the smallest artisan cafes, or even coffee aficionados at home. We have a range of machines, accessories and our bes-selling coffee products available in the Online Store.

Does Coffex roast in smaller quantities for boutique and artisan cafes?

We do customised roast and orders for our customers to deliver a more personalised coffee experience. This service is only available from our Malaysian facility.

Does Coffex provide after sales service?

Yes, we believe lasting relationship are the cornerstone of our business. That’s why your satisfaction is paramount and our services are designed to achieve that through maintenance packages, extensive warranties and more.

Does Coffex provide product training?

Our highly sought after barista training and operations workshops are packaged with selected purchased while more customised programmes are available upon request.

Does Coffex provide 24-hours support?

Not at the moment, but we strive to deliver same-day support whenever possible to ensure your business continues smoothly.
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