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OEM Services

Private Labelling

Coffex Coffee wants to help individuals who are ready to stand out and create their own brand of instant coffee or OEM. Creating a premium coffee brand can be expensive and hard to get started. We’re lucky enough to establish a business connection with an individual whose family had been coffee experts for generations and we’re able to pass on the benefits to you.

They had the know-how to create not only a less expensive, but also a healthier brand of instant coffee which had all the benefits, and more, of the premium beans.  We worked with this individual alongside a herbal specialist to create the perfect blend.

Unlike most other coffee manufacturers, we are adjustable to your needs. You don’t need a huge budget to start your own OEM coffee brand with us. Our Minimum Quantity Order (MOQ) is adjustable to your requirements or comfort levels so you may start your own brand even with a low MOQ.

Coffee Booth Services

Are you looking for coffee service for your next exhibition or event?

Coffex provide coffee booth for a wide variety of events and groups. Our main goal is to provide every guest with a delicious cup of coffee, presented beautifully.

Whether it’s a morning meeting for 10, conference with multiple deliveries, or a wedding for 300, we can work with you to make sure your next event is covered for coffee and tea.

Workshop & Training

We provide training in everything from machine use through to cleaning and troubleshooting.

Good coffee making is essential to a barista’s role, and so training and practice will help you prepare the best possible espresso.

Our goal is always to ensure you offer the finest coffee experience, and we help you and your team become adept at operating, maintaining and managing your products and services.


We get to know you, your business and your customers. Whether you run an F&B chain or neighbourhood cafe, we’ve got the ideal solution for you.

We advice you on the best products and machines to suit your budget, experience and setup, and conduct tasting sessions to help you select the right flavour of beans.