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Have you ever tried a bubblegum flavoured or cotton candy flavoured beverage? These extraordinary flavours are mostly from gourmet syrups. In a nutshell, gourmet flavoured syrups have played an important role in the food and beverage industry. Flavoured syrups have been around a lot longer than we may realise and we possibly don’t even know what’s in our drink. New entrepreneurs from the industry incorporate these flavours and extend their drinks menu to create drinks like “unicorn latte”, “chocolate cookie latte” or maybe “pink hippo”.


Here in Malaysia, where we experience hot, humid days throughout, it is very important to offer customers a wide choice of iced drinks and cooling desserts. However, many entrepreneurs do not realise that buying and storing lots of different ingredients can be expensive and storage can be a hassle. As a solution to that, you could use syrups!


Here are 5 ways to extend your drinks menu with syrups that we hope will tempt you into experimenting and creating something special!

Be different than usual


Coffee syrups like caramel, hazelnut, vanilla flavour are among the popular ones when it comes to coffee based beverage. How about try something different like adding fruit based syrups into your coffee?

Be creative


Get out from your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to experiment the wide range of flavoured syrups. You may just create a brand new drink!

Tea Party


The English tea will always be a majority favourite, but with more teas available in the market, you may want to offer it to your customers. It’s impossible to go wrong with fruit iced tea flavours.

Mochas and hot chocolate


Hot chocolate is easy to make with chocolate syrups and it will not go wrong. But you could add some luxury to your drinks menu and offer mocha and hot chocolate using other flavours. We recommend using refreshing mint, zesty orange or toffee nut syrups.

Seasons and themes


Sesonally inspired drinks for summer and winter are another great addition and are always in demand. Tasty milkshakes, frappes and smoothies keep Malaysians cool all year long, but you could also offer drinks for a special occasion or theme; for instance, try peppermint frappuccino or cranberry based drink during the Christmas season.

Syrups are easy to use, easy to store and offer so much variety. The range of flavoured drinks that you can offer customers using syrups are endless.

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