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Gryphon Tea Company presents Monogram

Gryphon Tea Company, a Singapore gourmet tea brand widely recognised for its fine quality tea blends, raises the bar for tea appreciation with the launch of its flagship brand, Monogram, in Malaysia.

An array of flavours from Monogram

Breakfast Tea(ves) anyone?
Special thanks to Breakfast Thieves Kuala Lumpur for being the venue host!

Held at Breakfast Thieves Kuala Lumpur on the 6th of July, Gryphon Tea Company and its distributor Coffex Coffee Malaysia, introduced the Monogram Tea Collection to major key players in the food and beverage industry, with over 70 guests gracing the event. Esteemed guests, included representatives of Sheraton Imperial, Frank Laurent, Ri-Yaz Hotels, Botanica Deli and The Embassy, to name a few.

Gryphon Tea Company intends to showcase their brand’s knowledge of tea flavours and its experience by introducing the Monogram Tea Collection. Monogram Tea Collection range of handpicked tea leaves and herbs encourages gourmet tea leaves to experiment with tea layering.

Gryphon Tea’s Master Tea Blender, Mr. Lim Tian Wee, giving his speech

“Monogram is inspired by the modern consumer who is experiential and bold in trying new things” says Mr. Lim Tian Wee, Founder and Executive Director, Gryphon Tea Company. “This tea collection allows you to create your own tea and every creation is a whole individual experience. No longer are you confined to a single tea blend!”

Three specially-curated

Monogram – Giffard mocktails for the evening

Beyond serving hot brew tea, Gryphon Tea Company collaborated with Giffard Malaysia to serve three tea mocktails. Mixologist extraordinaire David Hans, the winner of Giffard West Cup 2017, took to the stage and wowed the guests with some mocktail-mixing flair!

What an af-flair!
A mocktail presentation by award-wining Mixologist David Hans

Guests were equally impressed with the delectable spread created by Breakfast Thieves KL to pair with Monogram teas. (Let’s allow the photos to do the talking!)

Layering Monogram’s Lapsang Florale and Shiso Mint, to pair with canape California Sunset
(Hot smoked cubed salmon, avocado mousse and goji berry gel on baguette crisp)
Herb springs eternal! The suggested pairing for this dish, called Spring Delight, is with a layering of Monogram’s Earl Grey Neroli and Provencal Herbs. 
(Spring Delight: Smoked duck breast slices al’orange dressed with vinaigrette, salad of spring onion, bean sprout, carrot in savoury popiah skin)
Pear-ing with pudding. A recommended pairing of Monogram’s Saffronais and Kashmere with Breakfast Thieves’ Peary Peary Night
(Poached pear wedges with honey-coconut chia pudding)

Monogram Tea faces steady growth and burgeoning interest since its launch in November 2016 and the collection is now available for order from August 2017 onwards via Coffex Coffee (M) Sdn Bhd.

Thank you guests and business partners who attended the launch! Your warm responses and valuable feedback is very much appreciated

All photo credits to Ckchun Photography

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