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We have been anticipating her arrival ever since the first day we met her.
Finally, she’s here in Malaysia.

Introducing our latest product on board,

the Felicita Scales: Parallel and Arc. 

Felicita Parallel : 

Extremely precise and fast response, the Felicita Parallel scale is perfect for coffee bars or home use. The elevated weighing platform is perfect for weighing portafilters and the parallel scale comes with a built-in timer with high accuracy, making it perfect for pour overs and soft brew needs. Besides that, you can see what speed you’re pouring when doing your favourite pour over.

Felicita Arc : 

The Felicita ARC is the ultimate scales perfectly crafted for baristas to fulfil your espresso requirements. With an incredibly rapid response time and intelligence in sensing water flow and auto taring stable weights,  they’re absolutely the solution for hitting your espresso recipes, precisely and consistently.

The Felicita Arc scale has an optimum size which is large enough to place a portafilter and slim enough to fit under an espresso machine to measure the weight and time of espresso extractions.


  • Waterproof, and built with an aluminium body, these scales are made for high durability.
  • Auto-tare, Auto-timer modes
  • 2000g Capacity in 0.1g Increments
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with Felicita Coffee App (IOS and Android)
  • Lithium-ion USB rechargeable

You may visit our showroom at Glenmarie to know more about the scales, or kindly drop by 1 Utama from 12th July – 15th July 2018, LG Floor Oval, Booth: A02- A04, 10 am – 10 pm, as we will be having a booth in conjunction with the Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018. 

As we are the exclusive distributor of Felicita scales, you may contact us via or call us at 03-5562 882, if you would like to inquire about bulk orders.

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